Monday, May 2, 2011

A Funny Thing said by Miss Marly

Sunday we attended the 8:30 service at our church. After, we all got in line for the Men of Peace monthly pancake breakfast before heading to Sunday School.

While eating, Pastor Nancy stopped by our table. Pastor Nancy is our lead pastor. She was there when we began attending over 4 years ago, before the birth of Marly and Dean. She baptized our children. She often blesses the Twinner's when they walk up with us for communion on Sunday's. She is a 40 something blond woman.

Pastor Nancy came to ask me if I would join the stewardship committee for the campaign year ahead. I was not surprised she asked. She knows I fund raise as a profession, and she has seen me volunteer in other capacities at church. While at the table, she briefly described the demographics of the committee. I inquired about when we would meet. Naturally, I enthusiastically agreed to serve.

Pastor Nancy moved on. Marly looked at me, then looked at Mark, then said,
"Why was Jesus talking to Mommy????"


Mark replied with a smirk,
"Did you see Jesus beside Pastor Nancy?"

Marly was quiet as we both chuckled, and tried to make light of the situation.

We are not sure where we have went awry here! We attend church regularly. The kids go to Sunday School. We pray at dinner and at bedtime. We just made Ressurection Rolls last Saturday, and celebrated EASTER.

And yet somehow....Marly thinks Jesus is a blond female pastor living in suburbia!

Time to read some stories from that Bible picture book we got recently.

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