Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where does the $ go???

Where does all of our hard earned income go anyway??? Well, let's see..

First there is the giant willow tree in our backyard. The Tuesday after the 4th of July, I had the day off. At 8:30 AM, Marly, Dean and I were still in our PJ's when the doorbell rang. The man at the door explained he was from a tree service working up the street. He asked if I would like an estimate on the willow tree in the backyard.

"An estimate on what?" I asked.

"Ma'am, Have you looked in your backyard today? Perhaps you should come around the back with me?"

So there I was in Mark's big, navy blue bathrobe and bare feet inspecting the huge downed willow branch on my neighbors yard.

We haggled over the price and service. The men returned and the mess was fixed before Mark arrived home from work. The gentleman was kind enough to alert me the entire willow tree was rotted and eventually would need to be removed, or it will come down bit by bit. Mark and I are going for bit by bit. You see, we love this giant messy tree, and the estimate to remove it was $1,300....

Then there is our upstairs toilet. Yet again, the Twinners had flushed something down it. Roto-Rooter costs $150 to remove your toilet (which I know from past experience, although somehow I got it for a lot less due to a customer service issue). So, we bought a toilet snake. It didn't work. I plunged, and plunged and tried to default to the downstairs toilet for like a month. Then, Mark removed the toilet. He tried to dislodge whatever was inside. The toilet is old, with traps and curves to catch things - things never to be removed. The toilet got put back on (and I plunged).

Mark trecked to Lowe's in search of a those toilets they advertise you can't plug up. What he wanted was out of stock. I plunged for another week, until we got this! The new toilet cost more then Roto-Rooter, but not if you make more  then one call!
We have decided our new Kohler was money well spent. In the mean time, we are the trashy neighbors with a toilet on our patio. I keep meaning to put a "free" post on Craig's List... but who wants a toilet with a bath toy trapped in it?

Neighborhood curbside dump day is in September....

Next, there is my driver's side car door. It broke on Friday when I returned home from work. I was unable to open the door from the inside. I was like Dukes of Hazard until Monday when I could go get it fixed. $217 later, I am no longer climbing out the side. (Oh... did I mention it appears the motor is going out on my driver's door window, so sometimes when I put it down, I can't get it back up!!!)

There you have it. Where the $ go!!!

Wait.. I almost forgot. Our bathroom sink downstairs was backed up a week ago. Sewage was coming up and filling the sink when we showered, or ran the dishwasher, or washing mashine. We weren't sure what or which the culpurate was. Thankfully, our home warranty covered the stoppage removal for the cost of the $60 service call fee. It turns out I have been throwing things I should not down the garbage disposal!!

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JennyF said...

Well, now you can say you flushed your money down the toilet!

Sorry to hear of all the woes lately that gobble up your money. I had to laugh at the picture of the toilet box -- "Bold. Power." Hmmm...not sure that's what I'm looking for in a toilet, but okay...


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