Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesdsay AM Detour

Last evening Dean claimed he had a bug in his ear.

I first learned of this issue around 5:46 pm, when Mark called me on my cell phone. We were both driving in seperate vehicles at the time (me coming from work, and Mark from home with the Twinnners), with the intent to connect and travel on to an event as a family.

"What should I do?" Mark inquired.

"Well - Your driving and Dean is in his car seat, right?" I responded.


"Is Dean in pain?" I asked.


"Is he upset about it?"

"Not really..."

"Well then what do you think you are going to do right now!?!? There is nothing you can do. Try and distract him or something." I responded.

We met up, and headed on to our destination together. When I got in the car, Dean exclaimed, "Mommy there's a bug in my ear." I asked if he was okay, and yes he was. Dean was fine at the birthday dinner we attended. Back at home, we took a look farther inside Dean's ear. He was not telling us there was a 'BUG' in his ear. He was saying 'BALL'.

Indeed, there was a little green bead/ball lodged in Dean's ear. I have seen these little, plastic, colored balls/orbs/beads floating around the house. I have no idea what they are from, but a sphere was now located inside Dean's ear. We made a few futile attempts to remove it, but thought better to wait for professional assistance (like a Dr with more efficient tools than our tweezers). Again we asked if hurt, "No..."

So, this morning I called the 24 hour clinic appointment line and got in at 8:40 AM with a brand new (young) pediatrician. 20 minutes and a $20 dollar co-pay later, the small, green, circular object (BALL) was removed from Dean's ear.

The weather this morning is perfect. The sun is shining. The air has just a tinge of fall in it. The sky is a glorious blue, with just a few picturesque clouds.... and all is WELL! It is a good morning for an unusual detour.

Now - back to my regularly scheduled work day!

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Rosenau Family said...

Funny! The ENT that we have seen for Collin about ear infections has a poster up in his office...he tapes objects found in kids ears and nose up on the wall, labeling the child's age and if it was nose or ear...part funny story and part warning I suppose! I think I will pay closer attention next time now....Thanks for the story!


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