Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miracle Treat Day 2010

Days after the big event, I am still riding a DQ Miracle Treat Day high! My day began at 5 am with set up for possible news live shots of the Blizzardmobile, which would be visiting our hospital later in the day. Miss America was on hand for the hoopla as well. Around noon, the super cool Blizzardmobile started handing out mini Blizzards to the waiting line at Regions. After only an 1 1/2, over 1400 treats had been distributed. If you want to see more, check out the Gillette Blog...

Later in the day, the Thomberg's headed out to a DQ near our home to support the cause.

Even later on Thursday, I decided the day wasn't quite done. The generous Woodbury DQ operator decided to stay open until midnight to raise more money. Exhausted, fresh out of the shower, and still wrapped in a towel, I called my dear friend Jesse at 9:47 pm and convinced her to join me in my endeavor to consume even more calories. Here we are at 11 pm eating our last Blizzard of Miracle Treat Day (with freshly washed hair and mostly void of make up...).

On Friday several individuals from our hospital foundation were invited to the DQ Corporate Headquarters for a picnic to celebrate the successes of Miracle Treat Day, and the 25th Anniversary of the Blizzard. Yes, I ate another Blizzard (of course!).

I finally remembered to get a picture of the Blizzardmobile, which will be retiring shortly after a summer of touring the States and Canada. Chad is the man in blue. He is the Blizzardmobile personality/DJ/ringleader of the fun extraordinaire.

Folks, I may be 35 years old, but the Blizzardmobile was seriously chilled fun on four wheels! CLICK HERE for more facebook photos of the Mpls visit.

Anyway, I suppose it is time to come down from the sugar high.


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