Monday, August 16, 2010

Just the THREE of us!

Friday morning I woke up and decided to STAY HOME! The idea had been swirling around my head since Thursday at lunch with two co-workers. I started my internal dialog by saying out loud, more as a question then a statement, "I think I am going to take PTO tomorrow?!"

And so I did. I called Daycare Cindy around 7:40 AM and alerted her the kids weren't coming. We were going to the beach instead! I headed to the Internet to find the address of a new beach and splash pad I had heard about in Blaine. I packed the cooler with hard salami, string cheese, grapes, granola, pita chips, hummus, and water. The kids suited up and we made the first stop of our carefree day - Caribou Coffee to visit daddy, pick up a Breve, and the kid's life jackets (which were in Mark's vehicle).

Next stop,  Aquatore Park in Blaine to check out the Teddy Bear Band. I noticed they were playing at 10:30 AM when I went on line to find the address of the city beach. Not a huge hit with the Twinners, but glad we checked it out for a few songs.

And then it was on to Lakeside Commons Park and Beach on a overcast, yet humid day. The kids rotated between the prestine playground, the splash pad, and the beach... and they had a blast. I had a blast too. It was just me and my Twinners. No girlfriends, no daddy, no phone calls, (no camera), no books to read - Just me, Marly and Dean.

Because it was JUST THE THREE of us, I took more time to play in the water, listen, talk, encourage, and watch my two beautiful three years olds. I observed and enjoyed their development. I loved on them, and loved for being a mom.

For one day, for a few hours, life was very simple, very good and very uncomplicated.

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