Monday, August 23, 2010

The Family Calendar

Mark and I have problems coordinating our schedules. Yup, you guessed it, this puts a nick in marital bliss (what's that!!!!)... somewhat regularly.

Neither of us uses a Blackberry or phone with calendar applications. Apparently, Mark doesn't add our personal activities to his Outlook work calendar. Apparently, I am negligent of NOT writing family activities or events in general on our standard paper calendar, (sent to us by our realtor around the holiday's) which hangs on the side of our fridge.

So... let's hope the Cozi family calendar I signed up for last Friday might finally help us avoid our regular last minute arguments about how one or the other didn't know about an event. (Insert here - Dave Matthews Band Concert Mark will be missing in September due to a work training event for Mark in Duluth). Now we can both be accountable for all of our activities. I do plan to make 95% of the entries to the calendar, but realize now Mark can easily find them all, or add what he needs.

Anyway, I have registered for the free online service, and hope it solves some of our issues. I have entered every event I can think of so far, (including the kids dental appoints next March). The events/postings are color coded by which family member is involved. I plan to print the calendars in monthly form regularly as they change, and post them on the fridge where our standard calendar now hangs. You can make events re-occuring (such as kids sports activities). Both Mark and I can log on and access the calendar at any time, and add or make changes to it. That means if Mark is at work, he can go on line and check our families activities if necessary. If desired, we can print a weekly version with more details.

The on line service can also be used to send e mails or text messages to each family member, and will also send reminder notices about events. If you have internet on your phone, you can add appointments from anywhere.

Organization (or an actual Family Calendar that works) could just improve my marriage here folks!

I know, I know... the whole on line family calendar is NOT new, but it is new to me.

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