Friday, July 11, 2008

The New Kid on the Block

Jeremy with Vivian.
Thankfully you can't see the big rug burn on Dean's nose too much.
He dove off the bed.
Gimp Daddy could not move fast enough to rescue him.

Last Thursday we headed to Jenny and Jeremy's house in Minneapolis with a crock pot of chicken taco meat, whole wheat tortillas, and the fixings. We were off to introduce Marly and Dean to the New Kid on the Block - 6 day old Vivian Ann Lyons. We wanted to come by with a meal which would provide some left overs too. I especially enjoyed seeing Jenny's mom, LaRayne Betlach, who was staying for the week. I have a special place in my heart for many of my friend's moms. I enjoy watching moms interact with their adult daughters. Many of my friend's moms are very kind to me. I remember when Marly and Dean were about a week old, and LaRayne called me and asked me how breast feeding was going. It was a much appreciated call.

By the way, the Lyon's family is doing well!

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