Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More weekend in Review

Saturday the Thomberg's attended Taylor Collins confirmation dinner. We missed church, as Mark was working. It was a delight to be at a family gathering, and realize my kids ran wild for hours without the need of assistance from Mark and me. They happily played with their cousin Marissa and other kids. More realistically, Marissa followed them around and did a great job entertaining them. They ran upstairs, they ran downstairs, they went back and forth through the halls, they played with the cat, they played with the toys in the basement (cool and rather extensive collection of toys considering Kelsey is in college and Tay is a sophmore), and they only occasionally took a break to come and check in on mom and dad (or to eat desert). Mom and Dad got to have adult conversion with my cousins Kris and Dee and others. Pretty cool.

At the end of the day, we also got to take home pumpkins home grown by Toots and Doug. We also got squash. Thanks Toots! The pumpkins are the perfect addition to our front door.

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