Friday, October 24, 2008

I MIGHT have a problem...

I think by now you gather I prefer a deal, and this Last night I discovered I MIGHT have a problem.

Last week I bought Marly a pink OshKosh winter jacket at Marshall's. I then searched for a similar coat for Dean. I discovered Kohl's carried the boy version. Big surprise... it was 55% off. Nice ploy. I think most of us have Kohl's and Herbergers figured out. Everything is always on sale...for the price the merchandise is actually worth.

Last night I went to purchase the coat. As I was standing in line, I heard the cashier say to each customer, "Do you have any coupons today!" My heart started to race. I did NOT have a coupon. Was there a mailer or Sunday insert that I overlooked? No one in front of me had a coupon either. This put me a touch more at ease, but I was seriously thinking of leaving the store to track down this allusive coupon. I also considered getting out of line and going to customer service to play the, "I forgot my coupon at home, can I get a new one here?" card. Once I purchased the coat, I am sad to admit I also briefly thought about returning it, then asking my dad to purchase it for me next Tuesday. Tuesday is Senior Discount Day! I mean, seriously, even I know this is ridiculous.

Oh my lord, truly I might be sick in the head! A day later, I am still weighing my options. At the store last night, I gave them my e mail address. According to the promotion, I will now recieve (via e mail) a $5 coupon and free shipping on an online order. Hmmm.. I could return the coat, and buy it again with the coupon. I am sane enough to realize I will waste more in gas and time then is worth $5. The problem is, whenever I do NOT have a coupon (and I think one is out there somewhere...), I feel like I am giving away free money! I don't gamble, I play the coupon game.

To further tip the scales towards my lack of sanity, this morning I popped online to quickly take a Papa Murphy's survey which Mark received with last weeks pizza purchase. I needed to take the survey to get a code to give to Mark to get $3 off our pizza for tonight.

I might be a savvy shopper, or... I might be off my rocker. Feel free to weight in and comment if you like. Hey, at least I can mock myself. That has to mean something!


britta said...

My own mother has totally rubbed off on me...I will be at Target and won't buy something that I need like D.O. for the B.O. because it is not on sale!!!!!! What am I going to 30 cents, and probably actually nothing as I go to Target everyday(hey, its something to do in the little town!) sometimes more times with friends. I was there 3 times on Friday, but only drove there twice myself.

I should start looking at coupons more often though...thanks for the tidbit of your lovable craziness!


P.S. It is supposed to sow here today...

drbjs said...

You are both a savvy shopper and a woman after my own heart.

happygal said...

Well somehow I was logged in as Brian...sorry about that. No, Brian thinks I am crazy. I think you're wise :)



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