Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mid-week ramblings

It's Thursday and Mark has been battling a cold this week. Marly and Dean have snotty noses, and I am doing my best not to have my sore throat progress to the full blown symptoms.

Yesterday I wanted a meal that would be cold-friendly. I am not the greatest cook. If any special skills or techniques are required for a meal, this would not be a recipe for me. I do love my crock pot though (from my mom's big country kitchen. I can't recall if she gave it to me when I lived in St. Paul, or if I took it from the kitchen after she died). I love loading it up and plugging it in as I leave for work, knowing while I am away, something delicious is simmering and will await my return. I think I use it way more then my mom ever did.

Wednesday my crock pot was filled with beef minestrone soup. About 45 minutes before eating the soup, one cup of pasta and some cut squash needed to be added to the crock. I called Mark at the appropriate time and asked him to add these two ingredients. When I arrived home, I headed straight to the kitchen to check my masterpiece meal. I had added crushed garlic and fresh basil to the recipe, for an added oomph. I opened the crock and noticed a nearly empty box of whole wheat rotini sitting next to it.

"Umm.. .Mark, how much pasta did you put in here?" Needless to say, the soup was less soup like then intended (we had to add more broth). On the economical end, I have a nice Pyrex full of minestrone soup/casserole in my freezer. Perhaps a bit carb loaded??? Mark agreed to left-overs for tonight.

On an unrelated note, here are my dirty faced, wild haired kiddos last week - 19 months old. I do not take them out of the house in this state! Yes, they are both in stripes and that is intentional, if you are wondering if I still coordinate them.

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Jamie said...

I hope you're feeling better this week. I was the only one in my family fortunate enough to get sick last week. Its not fun, but I'd rather me than the kids!!!

Great pictures of the kiddos! I still coordinate from time to time. Its harder the older they get though!


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