Thursday, August 14, 2008

Like mother, like daughter, and down the line

I have been watching Marly walk about the past few weeks, and often smirk at her precocious gait. She has this way of moving her arms, holding her head, and swinging her hips. She often seems to smile as she walks about. Then one day I had the realization... she might walk something like me. It is safe to say I do not have a graceful bone in my body, and would better describe myself as gawky.

Well, rumor has it, as an adult, I might walk EXACTLY like my own mom did. Rumor has it I might have the exact same mannerisms as my mom did. Rumor has it I might talk almost exactly like she did. Rumor has it I might look almost exactly like her too.

Well, Marly does not look exactly like me. She has her Daddy's brown eyes... but I suspect she just may reflect some qualities of her namesake. Perhaps the gawky walk??? Time will tell. (Maybe dance class or yoga could correct this less then graceful posture in myself and her if necessary!)

What I wish for her is to have her Grandma Marlys's general love for life and great love for the people around her. I strive to possess those qualities too!

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