Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Sawyer

M & D and I had a activity filled weekend involving sand., while Mark was working at Caribou. Saturday we went to Lake Elmo Park beach outside Woodbury and met friend's Molly, Peter and Charlie, Amy D & C and kids, and Jessie for fun in the water and sand. The weather was perfect. The kids had fun. They were SOUND ASLEEP in their car seats before we even exited the parking lot!

Sunday, M & D and I picked up Dad/Grandpa David and headed to Jan and Sheldon's on Lake Allie for Sawyer Melberg's 3rd Birthday party. Marly and Dean's favorite part of the day was their first taste of root beer float with a straw. Their least favorite part of the day was their first boat ride ever. They looked a bit terrified in their little pink and blue life jackets.

I enjoy going home for family events. I don't think I make it to quite half of the various kid's birthday parties, but I do try because these activities are very important to me. The BRAND NEW 212 (312) makes for a slick drive out too! I am not quite sure how much time it shaved off, but it seemed quite speedy.

Having missed some nap time over the weekend, they were both a bit cranky on Monday!

Sawyer is the child on the left in the striped shirt!

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