Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Miracle Treat Day

I rarely talk about the amazing place I work in my blog - but today is the day. I work at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare. I work on fundraising with Children's Miracle Network sponsors of our hospital. We serve children with long and short term disabilities and special needs.

Anyway, at this time of year I am in the midst of a true blizzard, working on Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day. This Thursday, August 7th, proceeds of Blizzard treats at participating DQ's benefit our hospital. Last year $214,000 was raised in this one day.

For MTD, I stay busy working with Gillette families in coordinating visits to DQ, promoting the event to our staff, encouraging DQ operators, alerting our sponsors and anyone else we can think of about Miracle Treat Day.

On the actual day, this year I will be at KARE 11 for their morning show with one of our GREAT Gillette kids, who I adore named Brandon. You can see Brandon on our Cure Pity site. Check us out if you are up around 6:20 AM. After that we have Blizzards being delivered to our hospital patients, and after that I will be visiting several DQ's. Funny thing is, this week of the year, prior to Thursday, I can't stomach a blizzard, as my stomach is in knots working to make the day a hopefull success!

Anyway, hope you will head to your DQ for a treat this Thursday! Calories don't count when it is for charity. You may want to call your DQ in advance to find out if they are participating.



britta said...

As you know, I am working hard to spread the word about this! I will have pictures for you also! My CU and I are hitting up tons of people in one big office building. Last year we had 48 orders, this year our goal is 100! Can't wait...:-)

Jen Lyons said...

I discovered the cappucino heath blizzard when indulging on Miracle Treat Day - YUMMY!!!

Great appearance on KARE 11 too! Thanks to Vivi waking up, we were able to turn on the TV just in time to see you and Brandon, what a cute kid!


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