Friday, April 19, 2013


April 5th was our 10th wedding anniversary.
April 6th was Mark's 40th Birthday.

On Friday the 5th, Mark left early for work.
I called him around 7:20 am.
me - "Hey honey,  I think we both forgot something this morning!"
mark - "Oh... Yah... Happy Anniversary!"
me - "Yup - Same to you! Have a good day then!"

Ordinary? Sure.
Lackluster? I suppose.... but I will take it.
Our lives are slipping by day by day, and those days seem to turn into years overnight,  and we have no complaints!

Saturday morning Marly and I baked the traditional poppyseed cake reserved mostly for husbands and fathers.
Dean went to a classmates birthday party, and Mark, Marly and I ate cake as our lunch. It was delicious. That afternoon I shuttled the kids to Kelly and Pat's for an overnight.
Mark and my date night out included a delicious dinner in Nord'East Minneapolis at NE Social - a favorite spot for us. We headed to Maverick's afterword for a drink in our hood.

Sunday we slept in and went to brunch at 4 Squares, then Mark's family hosted a birthday dinner at Kelly's and Pat's.

We may not be exciting or adventurous, but we BOTH enjoyed a FINE weekend indeed, and plan to look forward to another 10 years at least.

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