Friday, February 3, 2012

Swimming Lessons

After nearly a year away from organized community sports activities (gasp!) Marly and Dean are back at swimming lessons.

Two summers ago, the kids did Community Ed tiny tots soccor. That fall they did a round of swimming lessons at the YMCA, then did another round right away. The bitter cold of winter hit, and we took a break from the water, and tried gymnastics through Community Ed. That was met with hit and miss enthusiasism.

Spring came, and along with it the Community Ed brochure. I admit I selfishly just didn't want to run to the park after work . We decided to take the summer off. Mark and I spend most evening in the yard with our kids, and we decided to simply enjoy our kids at our home. Midway through summer, Dean realized he might be missing some action. One day he said, "Mom, are we going to do soccor again???"

Me, "Um no... we didn't sign up for soccor this summer.." I was surprised he remembered.

Dean, "Okay... how about swimming lessons?"

Me, "Well, we will do that again in the fall."

Dean, "Gymastics then.?"
...Okay, okay, I get it!

Then fall came, and I neglected to get on line and sign up. Dean and Marly finally started swimming lessons through Community Ed two weeks ago.

Just to prove what an outstanding parent I clearly am, I forgot their towels at home by the door the first week!

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