Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentine's to YOU!

You know darn well we are in the Valentine's spirit at the Thomberg House!

Here's what I have been up to, related to the big day.

A few weeks ago Chris took Rachel and me for a day of pampering with lunch at Lucia's followed by mani/pedi's. While I was in Uptown I ran into Paper Source. I spotted a "crafty" Valentine's kit to make little heart finger puppets. It was pre-assembled and included all materials except the glue, so it should be generally sure fire.

Well... the kit makes 30, and we enjoyed the first 10. Then there was some yelling and impatience, and we completed three more.

We decided we had more than enough paper heart finger puppets, and called it quits. (I didn't have the patience to create one for each kid in Marly and Dean's class.)

The downstairs Charlie Brown tree made a switcheroo from Christmas to Valentine's.

Like past years, I hung my home-made heart garland on the entrance banister and mirrors.

Finally, I ordered custom printable Valentine's off Etsy for Marly and Dean. The buyer supplies the name, etc for the Valentine, and the seller sends you a PDF to print at home. No shipping required.

Hello Kitty for Miss Marly from Etsy seller Creations by Chistine Blackbum
And Dinos for Dean-O from Estsy seller Sassy Photo Creations
Dean asked the seller to make the heart in the blue dinosaur BIGGER.
As always, each seller was easy peasy and fun to work with, e-mailing convo's back and forth to get the perfect finished product. The cards are just darling!

I printed on plain old card stock and got out the paper cutter. They turned out so cute. The kids will be handing them out at school tomorrow with SweetTart suckers. No name writing required, but sure looks kinda fancy! The kids and I will stuff the envelopes tonight.

**Now if were SUPER Mommy (which I most CERTAINLY am not) I would mail them out to my dear friends and dear relatives. DO NOT go to your mailbox. This did NOT occur. (But I love you all just the same!)***

Happy Valentine's All!


I hope you will take the time to share your love and appreciation for all of those that are dear to you.

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