Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Photo Recap

We started our special morning with birthday cards for me from Marly and Dean! (And a Valentine for Mark.) I planned a special breakfast with blueberry muffins and red strawberries in a red heart dish... and a little suprise something I wrapped up for the kids (a puzzle for Dean and a Hello Kitty for Miss Marly).

Tulips are my FAVORITE! Thank you Mark!

The kids in their Valentine attire with carnations for Ms. Yelena, Ms. Jacki and Ms. Kim at school. The personalized Valentine Cards were already in the front seat of the car so we wouldn't forget them.

Me and my sweet Valentine's before heading to dinner at Lemon Grass restuarant near our home.

Mark got me a beautiful torte from Byerly's too.

As usual, I created many fun opportunities for myself for birthweek. The Saturday before my birthday, my girlfriend Jess and I had a FABULOUS girls night out in St. Paul - cocktails at Kincaids; dinner, wine, coffee and dessert at Pazzaluna; finished off with a night cap at the St. Paul Grill. Truly a fantastic night filled with perfect moments with one of my dearest girlfriends, fantastic food, and spirits to heighten it all.

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