Sunday, February 5, 2012

Babysitting Charlie

Saturday we got the pleasure of babysitting Charlie. Mark got ONE of two Pack n' Plays out of the garage in anticipation for the big visit. It took him about ten minutes to pop it into place. In the good 'ole days he could have that baby standing in under two minutes... Anyway Charlie's parents brought him over around 6 pm. Almost immediately he started to laugh at Dean. We also gave him a spin in the Exer-saucer, which was sent home with him the next day.

Rachel and Brett set off to their party, and we took some photos (and goofed off).

You can see he was really excited about the pictures. Look at that handsome BIG boy!

(I am referencing Baby Charlie, not my own cutie kiddo.)

Next Charlie watched some TV with Mark. Charlie spent most of the night smiling and coo-ing... although you can't tell in the picture above.

Then we changed Charlie's diaper and he had a good old time playing with his toes.

After that he had his second bottle since his arrival, then alerted us he was ready for bed.

MAN is this kid EASILY. The only hang up was when I woke him to feed him the last bottle of the night around 10:30, then changed his diaper again. I forgot to do the quick cover and a jammie change was required. The footy sleeper and Halo sleep sack got a quick spin in the washer.

The Twinner's are nearly five. I guess I was a little rusty....

Brett and Rachel spent the night. We were glad to have everyone and enjoyed our weekend.


britta said...

Do Marly and Dean want a little brother or sister now?!

Andrea said...

Mommy and Daddy don't ask!


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