Friday, January 27, 2012

Musical Beds

Musical beds seems to be the name of the game at the Thomberg House. Mark and I are content in our own room, in our own KID FREE bed.. but where you will find Marly & Dean in the morning is always a question of late.

The Twinners moved to thier butterfly and dinosaur rooms downstairs this summer. The transition seemed relatively smooth for the first week or so, until the novelty of their new decor and surroundings wore off.

You see at home, or when out as a family of 4, Marly and Dean tend to behave like a "unit". At home they play together, chat together, and make many decisions together. If Mark or I attempt to take the kids out for errands as individuals, they often resist and attempt to decline the opportunity.

And so, I can't say I was surprised when Dean began to sleep in Marly's room, in bed with her, instead on in his own dinosaur bed just across the hall and within view. This went okay for a while... but Marly LIKES to sleep, and began to get annoyed with brother Dean. I should also point out they each have a twin size bed.

For a while he returned to his own twin bed.
And now.. well, now you just never know where you might find a kid.

Sometimes Dean sneaks into Marly's bed after she is alseep.

More recenty over Christmas, and in the past two weeks we have had some general health bugs. Each kid has spent time sleeping in the guest room upstairs, next to Mark and I.

Now and again, the kids have started the night in their own rooms, and been discovered in the guest room by morning. They have found their way up and into bed overnight. Sometimes Mark and I hear them creep up, sometimes not. Sometimes there is one, and sometimes two.

This past week, both kids have taken to starting the night in the guest room double bed. Niether Mark or I have any problem with this, as long as they GO TO SLEEP., we shall see what happens next week. Only time will tell in with the musical beds at the Thomberg's.

**Disclosure - Mark is going to read this post and say,"There is NO photo! It is boring with no photo." I suppose he is right, but I haven't taken the initiative to snap a photo first thing in the morning when I hunt down the little people.

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