Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jazzing it Up - kids bedroom decor weekend projects

So this weekend I did some jazzing.
I suppose on Saturday I might also have made a stop at the NEW Good Will in Champlin when I was out running errands.
See those tubes above? They are a sampling of the shades available of Rub and Buff. I bought them on Amazon after reading about this metallic wax product on one of the blogs I stalk. It is my answer to Minnesotan's inability to spray paint in the off season.
I found this framed, hand crafted, embroidered(?) art at Good Will for $3.99. At first I picked it up for the brassy, metal, bamboo impression frame only. I thought I might "buff" it up, then slap some chalk board paint on the glass for a message board. As I pushed my cart through the aisles, it dawned on me this retro wall decor would look PERFECT in Marly's purple and pink butterfly bedroom. Just hours after arriving home, I had the frame buffed up with 'Silver' and hung in place on her once sparse wall.

Next I parused through the thrifted frame stash I keep in the garage and found one for this Twins print I purchased for Mark from a Minnesota artist for Christmas. You can find Helen Schroeders work on Etsy at Linden Leaf Designs. The wooden frame got a rub of 'Ebony' and found its way to a shelf in Dean's room (even though it was Mark's gift). It pairs perfectly with the baseball Dean 'caught' at the game with his daddy this past 4th of July weekend.

(In case you are wondering, the corn in the jar on the left is from our trip home to the farm this past fall.)
On Sunday, between eating Velveeta chili cheese dip and too many TGIFriday frozen appetizers while watching Super Bowl commercials, I moved on to Modge Podge and scrap book paper.
Last summer I bought cardboard letters from JoAnne Fabrics for Dean's room and spray painted them navy blue. I never really liked the way they looked, so the letters just sat on his ledge for months. This weekend I was finally inspired and love the end result. Dean is NOT as excited about the finished product as I am, but he'll live with it. Like the letters, I had bought the paper months ago at Archiver's for his blue and green dino decor. I wasn't exactly sure how I would use it at the time.
Seriously, I was on a roll and it was barely half time, so I put a coat of Martha Stewart craft paint on this wooden shelf, also purchased at Good Will this past weekend.

After months of bare walls in the kid's rooms, we are now rolling! By Monday morning I had ordered Dean two custom sized 5X7 realistic dinosaur photos from this Etsy shop. I will dig up two more thrify frames to buff!

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