Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas at the Thombergs

Admittedly, our Christmas decor is now at least partially removed or returned to storage, but here is what the Casa de Thomberg looked like for the holidays! The ever changing IKEA shelving.

Willow Tree Nativity.

silver and green... cheap and expensive, all mixed up...

Upside down red Chirstmas pillow, red throw, the card holder, berries on the banister, and holiday sign in the background.
A framed Christmas photo in the bathroom of years gone by, some garland on the light, an Angel here and there. Of course the buffet in the kitchen was dressed up, and downstairs bathroom had jingle bells and a welcoming holiday penguin statue. Oh, and this and that here and there and everywhere.

Our stocking on the fireplace and a new favorite decoration of the kids - The Rudolf the Reindeer from Good Will. Of course I intended to spray paint it, but the kids like it just the way it is for now, googly eyes and all!

Our Charlie Brown tree downstairs with many fun, treasured and meaningful ornaments.

Baby's first Christmas bootie and a polar bear for Dean.

And of course, the real deal tree (with Dean poking his head in) dressed up in red, green and the ever present white snowflakes hand made by Elna (and originally given to my mom).

Christopher our "Elf on the Shelf" who has now returned to the North Pole!

Which leads to Christmas morning and gifts to open....

Pirate Ships, slippers, dinosaurs and more for Dean.

A dolly high chair for baby Emma and Miss Marly.

Smiles, Excitement and Delight.

What, Santa brought you a Hello Kitty House? Really!!!!

The Twinners!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

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