Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

A snow free Christmas began with the Christmas Eve candlelight service at First Lutheran in Hector at 5 pm, followed by a hamball supper at Jan and Sheldon's with aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids.
Arts and crafts.

Cute as a button Kaylee Walter, just in from Iowa for Christmas on the farm.

Rachel checking out the new 3D TV and looking lovely in her holiday finery.

Soon Santa arrived.

Does anyone notice a theme here with Hello Kitty? (below)

If you are also noticing Marly has on the same dress at she did at this event LAST YEAR, it is because we forgot her red dress at Brett and Rachel's when we left there at 8 am Christmas Eve morning because Marly had thown up the night before!

Charles - the tiniest one to take Santa's lap.

Dean-0 with a Dino.

A second cousin, or two, or thirteen.

And a Christmas Eve drive back with two sleeping, holiday jammie clad twinners, placed snug in their beds at around 11 pm. Mommy puts out the cookies and milk for Santa for them!

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