Sunday, January 22, 2012


I can't say I have been super busy, but I might be hybernating!

We had sick-ie Twinners at the Thomberg House last week.
Mark and I tag teamed our schedules on Monday to take care of Marly.
Dad came to the rescue Tuesday and took care of two sick-ies.
It was back to trading work-from-home time on Wednesday, with a 2 co-pay clinic visit. The cough and fever was was nothing more then a nasty cold, for which we are thankful.

Monday, the work-from-home-trade-off occurred at 11:30. Dean was at school solo, since the bug hadn't yet hit full force. Sweet, sick Marly and I cuddled while I read her her several Hello Kitty books. Then she ate a little lunch with a cheery demeanor. While I was busy working on the computer at the table, she wandered off quitely. I discovered my babe sound asleep in our bedroom with her blankies and a couple of Hello Kitty's.

The kids were back to school on Thursday, not even close to 100%, but fever free.

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