Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marjarie McNeely Conservatory at Como Park

At least once a winter the kids and I go and check out the flowers, plants and fish at the conservatory at Como Park. I pretend it is a visit to the tropics 20 minutes from our house.

It is a great, easy, free, get-out-of the house activity.
And.. parking is a breeze in winter.

I grabbed the camera. We have year after year of photos of the kids in the exact same spots. Here we are last year and taking it WAY back to Christmas 2009

It is a great way to watch them grow. They grow too fast.

Marly has on Hello Kitty socks. She loves Hello Kitty. The socks don't match her dress. It turns out little girls who are nearly 5 years old don't have the same fashion sense as their mommy's.

Mommy had on her Prairie Underground hoodie with brown shearling boots from Costco.

Dean still loves Polar Bears. There are Polar Bears at Como Zoo. His socks are green and have a white Christmas bear on them, most likely a polar bear. He really likes those socks.

They are each their own person. They don't look alike.

They are best buddies.It becomes so clear when you ask them to "get together" for a picture.

And then they are OFF again.

....Off to check out the Polar Bears. The Polar Bears were taking a nap this Sunday afternoon.

Next time....

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