Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Week Between

The week between Christmas and New Year's we do not have daycare. Because Mark and I were taking turns working, working from home, and hanging with the Twinners, we didn't venture far.

We spent plenty of time playing with new toys and games, which was fun for all.

Here are our future collegians after a waffle breakfast. Daddy gave Marly a pony tail. I think Dean looks like a future heart-breaker frat boy here....

We cruised downtown one day after lunch to see the deserted Elf display on the 8th floor at Macy's. Pretty lackluster, but an easy, quick outing.

We visited our local fire house.

On NYE Day, I took the kids to Como Park and Zoo for their party and noon NYE countdown. I took these photos at the Conservatory to add to our collection over the years, from the same two spots. Those big koi fish in the pond never get old!

All around, it was a pleasant, relaxing, uneventful, but enjoyable week.
**You may notice I still have not given up on coordinating clothes. Notice the matching sweatshirts, brown screenprint shirts from Land's End, and shirts both including red from Gymboree.**

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