Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

I am 'blessed beyond measure'
(This is also a CD by Miss Minnesota 2010!)

I am grateful for all that I have. This season the richness of my life flows all around me. Saturday was a day spilling over with blessings.

Mark needed to work. He was behind on everything, and stress was crowding him. Just the same, we are blessed with jobs that provide for us and our kids. We have a warm home. We eat plenty, and we have so much more.

While Mark worked, I took the kids home to the farm for Sutton and Saxton's birthday party. I picked up my dad, as I commonly do for events like this. We had an easy, pleasant drive to the farm, filled with good conversation (interrupted often my eager Twinners wondering how much farther we had to go). The miles passed as quality time with my parent - my Dad, my mentor, the man I look up to above all others.

At the party the kids played. I am blessed. My children love spending time with their second cousins. They love playing with the three "S"s. We only need to get our shoes off at the door and they are off.....

At the party I got to spent time with my aunt's and cousin's. I even got the pleasure of being showered with affection by Shylah's family too.

When it was time to go home, we drove through Hutch. Instead of taking the quickest route, both Dad and I wanted to drive down Main Street. We were curious to see if the holiday decor and lights still arch over the street block after block. They do NOT, but the deer park on the river I remember from my childhood still exists. My kids found delight in the animals the same way I did at their age, when my mom and dad took us (in our white Caprice Classic with the baby blue top).

We carried forth eastward on Highway 7. By now it was dark. It was VERY important to Dean that both mommy and Papa keep their eyes "PEELED" for lights. Dean piped up from the back the ENTIRE way home every time he saw ANY lights. There was nary a moment of silence. He also asked about every three miles, "What road are we on?" Dad and I took turns exclaiming, "It is STILL Highway Seven!"

My dad offered to fill my tank with gas. He always does. I am blessed in so many ways. This time I had filled up in advance, because this one time, I wanted to be able to decline his always generous and appreciated offer.

At St. Boni, we could have continued on our path, but why cut short this most pleasant adventure? We decided to go through Mound, and around Lake Minnetonka to enjoy more holiday lights. Grandpa directed us by beautiful, enchanting, breathe-taking homes near Wayzata. Indeed, I saw the two most magnificent, huge pine trees adorned with the most elaborate lights I have ever encountered. They were amazing.

The kids loved all the lights. The houses were grand. Just the same, Dean eventually commented, "Can we go home? ...Home to our house in Brooklyn Park?" God bless my child. To him, the size or grandeur of a home are not of note, but only the love inside the four walls.

Of course by this time, at least one small child needed to go potty. The golden arches came into view. If you are going to stop to go potty, you might as well have a Happy Meal with Grandpa too, right?

And, so...after french fries we finally dropped Dad off at his door. We completed the blessed trip home with plenty to tell Daddy about our day.

Once at home, I sat at the kitchen table in solitude, with the glow of the Christmas tree lights on me.

I hand addressed our Christmas cards in red pen, like I do every year... with my heart filled with 'blessings beyond measure'.

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