Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pinestead Tree Farm 2011

We enjoyed the Pinestead Tree Farm so much last year, we headed back this year. It capped off our Thanksgiving Holiday weekend festivities after church last Sunday.
The kids checked out the goats and llamas, we took a wagon ride around the farm, then snagged our photo op with the jolly man in red.

We hopped in the Pacifica and cruised to our area of interest.

After some negotiating, pouty lips, and some crocodile tears, we decided on this one. I wanted a white pine with long needles this year, but I wasn't the one crying (or pouting) when I was over ruled!

Complete silliness ensued.

Silly is fun!

Silly is the making of happy memories.

Now heave ho!

Let's take this beautiful Frazer Fur home (after we pay $43, have it shook in the machine, wrapped, and attached to the roof of the Pacifica by those kind and polite high school boys who work at the farm during the Christmas season!)

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