Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leaf Patrol 2011

We started leaf clean up this past Saturday, on a HOT October day. In past years, we would have spent ALL DAY racking... but not this year. You see the lawn mower above? That rider was my "Mother's Day" gift. When the Sear's delivery truck arrived Saturday morning of Mother's Day weekend, I was VERY surprised indeed. In fact, I was so surprised I drove myself right over to Hot Mama in Maple Grove, and promtly bought myself a new dress! I thought I might wear it to MOW the lawn!?!!?

The truth is, the lawn mower has freed up time for our family, and leaf patrol this year has been easy breezy indeed.

Marly and Dean dressed themselves that morning while I ran to Walgreen's to pick up a bottle of hair color. I was in dire need of L'oreal, so I could be the same shade again from root to tip for Brett's Annual Birthday Dinner at Manny's Steak House! Marly picked a summer dress for the unseasonably warm day.Dean opted for his new Super Man t shirt purchased for the cooler months ahead.

After dumping the leaves from the bagger into a pile and having some fun, we loaded them onto a tarp. We dragged them over to the neighbor's and threw them down the river bank. How handy is that! (I am not sure what the DNR would have to say about our neighborhood practice...)

Happy Daddy! Happy Kids!

Happy Mommy! (behind the lens of the Nikon, sweaty and dusty with BAD hair)

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