Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marly's Curtains - Toots to the rescue!

Since moving Marly down stairs, I have been on the hunt for cute, girly, yet somewhat sophisticated curtains for Marly's butterfly room. Because it is the lower level, the windows are a custom size from the standard window treatments.

I found picture perfect window treatments at Pottery Barn Kids, but the price tag didn't match my meager budget, not to mention the size was disproportionate, and would need altering on top of the cost.

I found a woman on Etsy who could make adorable panels with darling ruffles to fit, but alas, her creations were still not in the range I was willing to spend.

Next up - Full size pink panels on clearance for 10 bucks each at Bed Bath and Beyond. Score! Well - SCORE one panel. I needed 4. Fortunately they were easily able to locate and ship me 3 more.

So.... now I had 4 super long, pink panels.
They are not exactly "sophisticated" but the price was right.
I also have a sewing machine.
What I do NOT have? Skills in the fine art of sewing.

What to do? What to do!
CALL MY AUNT TOOTS (of course!!!) Me - "Hi Toots!!! How are you?!..... Um... Can you PRETTY PLEASE come to my house some day when you are in the cities and help me. Please! I have these curtains I need hemmed???"

Me - "Well..... There are two sheers to each window. And then... Two panels for each window...and two windows...."

Me - "No... Of course it can wait until the end of September. That is NO PROBLEM AT ALL. I promise I will feed you when you come!"
And so at 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, Toots arrived with her Bernina in hand.
Of course I hadn't cut the panels to the correct size....
Of course I hadn't ironed the hems...
Of COURSE I was completely unprepared.
Of course I smiled sweetly at my aunt...

So... I guess you could say Toot's literally had her work cut out for her!

I invited Rachel and Baby Charlie to visit too, but I forgot to take a picture when I let Toot's take a break to hold him!!! (j/k)

Toots measured and cut and sewed until supper time. I did some ironing as my meager attempt to help.

After a bowl of chili, she sewed some more. When she was finally done laboring away for her niece, we each had a piece of homemade apple pie for dessert!

(You all can guess where this is going. You all know I do NOT bake...)

Did I mention she came, she sewed....

and - She brought a bag of apples, a jar of her homemade jam, AND A HOMEMADE APPLE PIE!

(Yes... Toot's spoils me!!!)

Thank you so VERY MUCH Toots!

(I know that you know that mom would have done this for me, and you couldn't say no...)

Marly's curtains look perfect.

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