Wednesday, October 5, 2011

15 years ago

A little over 15 years ago, I decided to study abroad.

I got on a plane and moved farther away, for a longer length of time then I ever have in my life.

I embarked on the adventure with 28(?) St. Cloud State students who were virtual strangers to me.

I lived in a real life castle (now made famous by Harry Potter) up 176(?) steps in a tower called Upper Diana.
Europe was our doorstep.

All we needed was a backpack, our Bible better known as "Let's Go", a Euro-rail pass, and credit cards we used to emass debt we will never regret.

15 years ago, on a Thursday night, you could find us at a pub called Oscars, owned by a man named Frank. The pub was stumbling distance from the (friendly) guarded gate of OUR castle.

15 years ago I might have been drinking a Snake Bite Black (1/2 lager, 1/2 cider, and a shot of something black currant).

15 years ago, we left the pub in time to walk home for curfew (it's true!)

15 years ago, the world was full of promise and drama.
Last Thursday, I met up with 5 people who were part of my everything in day to day life for 6 months, FIFTEEN years ago in the small town in northern England called Alnwick. (That was back when were without internet and cell phones).

Thursday, 5 of met at a dive bar in south Minneapolis, after work. We drank pitchers of lite tap beer.

Thursday, we drove home to our spouses (except Gretchen and Dan who married each other... and picked me up), children (and mortgages). We left in time to be rested for work the next day.

Today, the world is full of promise and drama.

There are no words to aptly describe our experience, or the connection that was born of living inside the ancient stone walls of the Alnwick Castle.

I love you guys, always and forever...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing post Andrea. You made me cry. I love you all too!


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