Friday, March 18, 2011


This morning Marly and Dean did NOT want to go to Daycare Cindy's. It happens to all of us. Sometimes I don't want to go to work. I get up and go anyway.

If you are 4, and you want to stay home, you don't just get dressed and GO ANYWAY. Life is simple. You object. You stomp your feet. You yell, "NO!" to your mommy. Then, if you are 4, and you really want to be difficult, you go into your room, lock the door, and crawl under your bed.

This morning Marly locked herself in her room. She did NOT want to leave. Dean did not want to leave either... and here is where the problem begins.

You see, I wasn't ready to leave anyway, and I didn't really care yet that Marly had locked the door. I went about my business as usual.

Dean DID care. He was very upset that he was on the WRONG SIDE of the locked door. Not only had Marly locked out Mommy, but Marly also locked out Dean.

Dean was distraught. He kicked, he banged, he shouted... "MaaaaaaarwwwEEEEEEE! Let me in!"


"MARWEEEEE - It's DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let Me In!"

Okay - I was in the kitchen laughing as Dean repeated this over and over and over to the locked door.

If you must know, I finally opened the door with a bobby pin. I located Marly wedged under the bed. I pulled her blankets away from her little hands peeking out from under the skirting and bolted for the door.

Yup - Eventually she was going to have to come out for her blankies!

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