Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Party!

Sunday was the kids actual Birthday, and the day we hosted their big party with family and friends. I will tell you, I had a really good I hope everyone else did too.

The kids enjoyed running around a playing with the gang. I wish I was the type of person who hosted a nice gathering just BECAUSE, and had my extended family over for occasions outside of my kid's birthday. As a consolation, I hope to serve a meal that pleases the crowd. I hope it is worth the drive, since many aunts, uncles, and cousins come from a distance (for which I am so grateful and happy).

This year I made a crock pot of hot shredded turkey sandwich meat. Easy and delicious. You put ten pounds of turkey breast, a can of beer, a stick of butter, and a packet of onion soup mix in a crock pot on low, and let it cook overnight. In the morning you shred it up with a fork, remove the bones, and serve when you are ready.

The recipe indicates it serves 10-12 people. I was expecting around 20 adults plus kids, so I made TWO crock pots full. I borrowed them both from neighbors, since I only have the round one. You guessed it, we didn't even touch the second crock. I suspect I may serve this next year, I thought it was so good (but will make less of course).

Rachel made her delicious baked beans. We served fresh berries, cold slaw, fish eye salad and chips.

Marly's dress coordinates with Dean's shirt, which has his initial appliqued on it with a king's crown. I ordered them from Olive & Ollie at Etsy. Marly let me curl her hair, but refused bows or embellishment.

Of course there was cake (chocolate from Byerly's).

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate!

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