Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The past few weeks Dean has become the Egg Man. The kid LOVES eggs. He eats oodles of eggs. He asks for eggs EVERY day.

I bought an 18 pack of eggs on Saturday morning. I went to the store at 8 am specifically in need of eggs to make french toast and to scramble. On Sunday I ran to the store for potatoes for supper. I picked up more eggs.

It is Wednesday and Dean ate the last three eggs for breakfast this morning.

Mark makes fried eggs over easy. Dean wants 3. I go the simple route. I scramble. Dean has alerted me he prefers "FLAT" eggs (over-easy).

We start Dean off with 2 eggs. He always requests a third. Usually he ends up eating Marly's.

Last week Dean requested eggs when he got home from day care. Mark steered him towards fruit.

I suspect Dean is craving protein. He is a growing boy. We will go with it.

Enjoy Little Egg Man!

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