Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea Party at the Thombergs!

Saturday Mark and I met up with Papa David and took the kids on a Mall of America adventure. That means when we got home later in the afternoon, we didn't feel bad popping a RedBox DVD in for them to watch while we worked on a home improvement project in our bedroom upstairs.

Evidentally the movie wasn't very interesting, because at one point, Dean came up to announce he and Marly were hosting a tea party. I was invited to come join them.

This is what I found...I commend them for their lovely gathering and attention to detail. They are quite the host and hostess, after raiding the cupboard where I store items for entertaining.

They found a package with a new plastic green table clothe for the coffee table. Next, Marly and Dean filled crystal goblets with water from the bathroom. They have fine taste in serving wear as well. Notice the plastic Fischer Price cookies from their matching game in a Waterford Crystal bowl (which is a cherished wedding gift from my friend Amy's mom Maureen). They have an additional large Lenox bowl (a shower gift I recieved purchased from Jacoby Drug I think) on the table as well. It had some water in it, so perhaps they were serving punch. To add to the decor and look, they used a decorative squirrel bowl I put out in the fall, and the decorative white and silver bowl we use at Christmas. Notice there are votive candles in the center.

Marly's Fischer Price tea set with a pot that plays music, cups, plates, spoon and tray are no where to be found in this picture.

I gently packed everything away when they were done...
I like to throw a nice party.
It appears Marly and Dean are a lot like their mommy.

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britta said...

This is hilarious and cute all in one!!!!


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