Monday, January 10, 2011

This and That

I can't say this blog has been very inspiring lately. It is rather un-interesting to tell the truth. At the moment, my life is centered around working, managing our house, being a mom, and last... being a wife (that part needs to change, as in I need to make it more of a priority!)

Anyway - Here is my journal entry update. It's a little of this and a little of that.
  • After being rather reclusive between Christmas and New Year's we had a social weekend. We went to pizza with the Lyons of Friday, and had friends to dinner on Saturday.
  • I went to visit new baby Luke Braid on Saturday morning. Angie, Jess and I brought new mom (for the 2nd time around) Ms. Hagel Braid brunch for her family.
  • Marly and Dean are exactly what you expect for their age (nearly 4) - fun, engaging, able to reason, etc. They play and play with each other.
  • I have been having a lot of fun playing Chicky Boom with Marly and Dean. It is a balancing game. Each time they remove a piece, they are sooo cautious, and hold their breath.
  • We painted our bedroom this weekend. Okay... I purchased the paint and Mark put in the labor. It will get a second coat this week. It went from chocolate brown and taupe to a torquise blue color with a grey undertone.
  • Sunday School started back up yesterday.
  • I am feeling challenged by my new job and am so very happy with my career change.
  • Mark is busy, busy at the 'Bou. He is clearly at the right place.
  • We are dealing with roofing issues, compounded by ice dams. We will be resolving these issues in the spring.
  • Marly and Dean started community ed gymnastics last Monday. They love it.
  • Marly and Dean wrapped up 2 sessions of swimming lessons at the YMCA before Christmas.
  • I need to loss 10 pounds. I have no motivation to do that.
  • I want to start working out again, but don't know when that fits into my life.

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britta said...

Granted I am young(er) and haven't had any kids...I have recently lost weight...about 20ish pounds in the past year...all by eating REAL food! Lots of fruits and veggies!!! Not eating artificial sweeteners, as those actually cause you to gain weight and can give you cancer etc., and cut back on my sugar tremendously! No need to do some trendy diet when really, the real science is behind real food!! You can do it Andrea; I have faith in you! P.S. I don't workout either...besides walking across campus!


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