Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank You Kristian Regale!

I would say I have about 14 readers a day on my blog. Okay, 13 because I can't count myself. On days I come up on the 'google alert' for a company's marketing department, then I have 15.
(I know, I know... I need to add 'google anayltics')

After New Year's I posted about Marly and Dean's private NYE party in our basement, complete with sparkling fruit juice in champagne flutes. I named the fruit juice beverage by brand in my post. I commented the kids got plenty of sugar that night, and perhaps high fructose corn syrup.

Readers, it turns out NO high fructose corn syrup was injested, and less sugar then I initially believed.

Take a look! This comment was made to the post by the Kristian Regale company.

Hi Andrea,

thanks for being a fan of our products. It looks like you had a great
time...especially the kids! Kristian Regále is made with a Swedish Recipe that is 100% all natural, no corn syrup and has less sugar than any other 25.4oz non-alcoholic sparkling juice brand.

Signed Kristian Regále!

January 14, 2011

I remain a fan of the product. I have purchased more of the "special juice" since NYE. The kids got another bottle as a treat this past weekend when the H-we's came for an overnight. This time Marly and Dean got to toast and make cheers with their good friends, P and M. All 4 thought this was the cat's meow!

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JennyF said...

Well now - you clearly have to add one more reader to your blog!

Either that or they manage their Google Alerts pretty closely. :-)

You can always count on me to visit, anytime I see you put up a new post.


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