Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Gretchen!

Happy Birthday Gretchen! Last Saturday Dan planned a surprise dinner gathering for her at Bennihani's in Maple Grove with a few close friends. Brett and Rachel were going to take Dean and Marly overnight so Mark and I could attend, but Brett got the CRUD... so Mark stayed home with the kids. The two did stay overnight though, so Mark was ready to start a fire and open a bottle of wine when we returned home.

The best thing about having guests over is you are spurred to try and complete some home projects. We cleared up boxes in our make shift guest bedroom. The downstairs bathroom paint redo is nearly complete. (I will reveal the stripes in another post.)All downstairs doors are now a crisp, fresh white, and are re-hung with the brushed nickel hardware in place, as well as the banister.

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