Friday, October 16, 2009

Potty Time!...or maybe not.

The potty chair has been sitting out between the toilet and tub for ages. Early this summer, we made a brief attempt at training. It lasted less then 12 hours. Kelly was still nannying, and they were NOT READY. After that, I let them sit or try it when they wanted to. I understand potty training is time consuming. I value my time, my kid's time, and how we spend our precious time together. I could see the minutes for potty training were not in our favor.

This Monday we decided to give training an honest go. I felt maybe... maybe. I was also succumbing to peer pressure from MYSELF. Everywhere I went, I felt like someone was talking about training kids younger then my own. Marly and Dean are over 2 1/2. I guess I just needed to be able to say I was trying too. Gretchen asked me if I thought anybody but me cared, or even noticed. I don't think you all are judging me, but what if you are??? There is the 'Anxiety in Andrea' rearing her head. Plus, I also know I would probably go about this or use a different method if I stayed home with them.

Both Mark and I had the day off Monday, so when the kids got up, I told them they were going to try and go on the potty chair. Next I played the 'Elmo Potty Time' video for them, and we ate breakfast. We tried the potty chair again, and they got to pick out underpants to wear. We proceeded to put them on the potty chair to "try" every 20 minutes. They get to pick a sticker and get one jelly bean/M&M for any success (along with a LOT of cheers and praise). We put on Pull Ups and went to run errands. Both Marly and Dean peed on the potty after getting their hair cut AND at Panera where we had lunch! YEAH for the Twinners. Back at home they put on underwear again, and we changed clothes when necessary.

On Tuesday, the Twinners went to day care in Pull Ups. It went okay. Since then, Dean has rebelled. He does NOT want to sit on the potty, he protests wildly, but he does want a sticker when he sees Marly get her "treats". At night, when Marly earns a sticker... Dean will then go sit on the potty for - I kid you NOT - 20 minutes!!! He doesn't want to get off, but he doesn't GO!

So there you have it. Marly is maybe getting it. She even asked to go potty on Thursday morning, but did poop in her bright pink underwear that evening. Dean is on HOLD! We are not parents who are into a fight or battle. I chatted with Daycare Cindy with 20 years experience, and she agreed. We would rather just wait.

The long and the short of it is, there is plenty of laundry to be done.

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