Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Suburbia Flocks to Orchards

Trips to area apple orchards are a standard yearly outing for many suburban families. We middle class parents treck 30 - 50 minutes from our homes to pick apples, then eat tasty treats from the orchard barn. We knowingly pay more for those items then we would at the super market... but we find this fair. In actuality, we are purchasing the experience and pre-packaged family fun. Hard working apple orchard owners deserve a decent living too for providing us non-farmers with the chance to act like we are connecting with the food we consume, while providing live music, a petting zoo, face painting and so on... because we all might get bored if there were only apples! Although I am being terribly facetious, we love going to the orchard (and will be visiting a pumpkin patch next weekend)!

Heres' how it works - once we suburbanites arrive at the orchard, mom's and dad's park their crossovers, SUV's and mini vans in the grassy lot, unload our tots, and head to the hay piles, goats and chickens, pumpkins, tractor and pony rides, and of course the apple trees. All the while, our fancy digital cameras are around our neck, ready to capture those quintessential family moments.

Naturally, the apple orchard owners have plenty of staged photo opportunities to meet our blogging and scrape booking needs...

Here are a few more photos for you to enjoy of our day!

Shoot!!! I just realized I neglected to download the one of the Twinner's standing next to the painted plywood sign indicating how tall they were at the orchard in 2009!

Happy Picking in 2009. See you in 2010!

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Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! I kept telling my parents I didn't recall pony rides from my childhood on the farm! I know, I know... as a farm girl it's embarassing to do the annual orchard visit, but it's so much fun! Way more fun than picking rocks out of fields!


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