Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Potty Time UPDATE

Update - Mark and I are pretty happy with our potty time progress with the Twinners. After the first week, we did give up on Dean for several day. Then he rallied. Honostly, he just couldn't take watching his sister get cheers, a sticker for her 'Potty Time' sheet, and ONE M&M or Skittle for her successes on the chair. He caved to the peer pressure. A week ago Tuesday evening he told ME he wanted to go potty too.

Both Marly and Dean have had many dry days at day care, and spend time at daycare and home in underwear only. We have plenty of accidents, and plenty of "half way" incidents, but they are trying and succeeding plenty. Actually, since last week... Dean is kind of putting Marly to shame with his successes.

Dean is very proud of anything that lands in the potty chair! He makes sure to check out the chair everytime Marly gets up from it too. Unfortunately, Dean is showing signs of being a too well trained Pavlov's Dog. In the evening he will work VERY, VERY hard to get a tiny bit of SOMETHING out to get ONE MORE treat. Oh dear!

Marly and Dean pore over the sticker book every time they have a success, picking just the perfect one.


britta said...

Dean looks so tall...unless you have a really short toilet! Love Marly's hair!

Andrea said...

Hmmm - I think our toilet and potty chair are both the standard size! Dean is much taller then Marly and SKINNY!


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