Friday, April 18, 2008

Routine Visit

Today I had a routine, yearly exam scheduled with my Dr. Nothing notable, except I was excited for a return visit. When I think about it, this is the longest I have went between visits to this man for years now actually.

I suspect/wonder if many women look forward to their OB/Gyn visit a year after delivery. It is an opportunity to see the professional who played a significant role in our personal life for at least 9 month with lasting effects. I realize it is my doctor's job and profession to attend to his patients care and medical needs. After a long day or night at the clinic or hospital, he heads home to his kids and family. As the care receiver though, it is so personal. Actually, Mark and I would not have kids to head home to without him. When Mark and I wanted kids, Dr. E saw or spoke to me on the phone monthly. At visits and appointments for care in the two or more years gone by, he has given me disappointing, sad, routine, and happy information. While carrying Marly and Dean, he saw my shining face and growing belly even more often. (Oh wow, your having twins... Someone told you that already, right? Well, we are going to be seeing A LOT of each other.) When it was time for delivery, he scheduled the date for the c-section. (How about next Tuesday? You can negotiate if you want.) He showed up on cue at 7:30 AM and glanced at my BP. (I knew I picked the right day!) Oh, I almost forgot he was taking bets on how much the babes weighed when he pulled them out. All this and Dr E really isn't very funny at all.

A year gone by, I wondered if dear Dr. E would remember me like I fondly remembered him. My clinic is part of a large system operating under guidelines designed to provide high quality patient care in a cost efficient fashion. When he entered the exam room, he said my name and knew right off he had pronounced it wrong - but could not recall exactly how to say it. (...and I saw you A LOT, I should remember that). He did need the computer chart on screen for FULL recall to WHY he saw me A LOT. (ah yes, and twins too). All went well with the visit. He even remembered and asked about you, husband Mark!

Doctors are professionals. They are also people. I am appreciative of my care today, even though I know there is no balance in the roles we come to play in each others life. I am appreciative of Marly and Dean too. I guess what I am really saying is I am grateful, take it for what you will or for whom.

Oh yes, and I promise Dr. E to check my blood pressure regularly. (I think it's just white coat syndrome, but...???)

(((okay - if I were a good blogger, I would have the photo of me in the hospital right before the c-section. Check back. I will try and add it!!)))

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