Friday, April 11, 2008

Daycare and all is well

Marly & Dean are on day 2 of daycare and all is well. Mark tells me my blog is boring because it lacks visual support for many entries. Once again, I am without photos. No photo of Marly and Dean buckled into their car seats headed to their new destination. No photo of them when they got home from their first day. No photo of the coordinating outfits I have sent them in each day. Yup... not only do I NOT scrap book, but I don't even have a photo to download this time.

Yesterday morning was drop off - DAY ONE. Mark could hear Dean scream after he exited the Infant Two room at the New Horizons Learning Center near our home. A call later to the staff assured us the tears were short lived. Dean chose NOT to nap on his first day. Marly went with the flow. She had her favorite crocheted blanket with her. Dean brought Oscar. Unfortunately, for health reasons of some sort, plush animals are only allowed at nap time, and only until the child drifts off. This was a bit of a problem when Dean arrived clutching Oscar tightly for support. Dad had fun prying Oscar away and stashing him in Dean's locker.

Today everything went almost too smoothly for Mommy's taste. Mark left for Caribou around 4:30 AM. I loaded up the kids just after 7 AM. A kind mom helped me with both doors at the daycare (including the punch code) as I toted Marly and Dean, one to each arm. We got inside their room, we got settled in, and neither of them made a peep or a second look when I departed. I watched them on camera from the common room outside for several minutes.... no tears to be had. NOT ONE SINGLE TEAR FOR MOMMY!

Anyway, it is not home, but I do feel comfortable they are getting good care and learning social skills. We will see how long they arrive in coordinating attire...It is only two days a week. Who am I kidding, I love (am obsessed?) doing it!

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Anonymous said...

I am sure they are the cutest ones at daycare and are enjoying watching the older kids.


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