Monday, April 21, 2008

Sick on Sunday

Today when I arrived at work I had to wipe the remnants of our weekend off my my shoes.

On Saturday I woke up before dawn and knew I was sick. Mark was already gone to Caribou. I did NOT want to open my eyes, my head was pounding, and I suspected it was only a matter of time before I threw up. Indeed I was right.... I needed HELP! Kelly to the rescue at 7:40 AM. She headed down to take care of Marly and Dean so I could be sick. She even gave me one of her migraine pills. What an ANGEL she was/is. I was feeling much better by mid-afternoon.

Sunday we headed off to church. Everything was fine until just before the end of the service, when Marly became sick. Sick in the pew, sick on the red aisle carpet, sick on the narthex floor, sick at the entrance of the nursery. I was scrambling to try and clean up the awful mess before parishioners began to exit service. The nursery volunteers did NOT seem to understand my urgency to get a bucket and rag of some sort. A kind old woman gently removed a very quite Marly from my arms as I scrambled about. Inside the sanctuary, Mark was facing a similar scenario. He headed to the kitchen when he realized baby wipes were not going to do justice to the mess. Fortunately, the folks in the pew behind entertained Dean.

After the service, Pastor Kyle kindly came and told me NOT to worry about the mess and to take care of Marly. We all headed home and Marly spent the day sleeping (after a bath...).

This incident made me realize we are truly members of a church community. During my pregnancy, the congregation watched me grow. They saw me two days before my c-section... worshiping with tears in my eyes during a snow storm when few ventured out. Now the congregation is watching Marly and Dean grow. Many kind souls helped Mark and I this past Sunday. Many fellow parishioners come and chat with us regularly. We know we belong here. I feel blessed to find a comfortable church home for Mark and me, Marly and Dean to grow in.

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