Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Ticket Girlfriend Fun

I decided to highlight some BIG TICKET gal pal time this summer and fall I haven't yet shared on the blog.

My friend Dawn currently lives in California, so visiting requires a plane ticket

Jess, Heidi and I flew out last fall. This July she got a ticket to came for a long weekend. We spent time TALKING on my patio, TALKING at lunch in Uptown, TALKING on the shores of Lake Harriett, TALKING at a fabulous dinner on the patio at W.A.Frost, TALKING at brunch at Amy C's, and TALKING at a family supper back at my house. It was just what the doctor ordered for these 4 gal pal girls.

Gretchen and I went to  Pride and Prejudice at the Guthrie Theater this Labor Day weekend. Gretchen finished her grad degree this June, and my promised gift to her was tickets to the show. You know Gretchen would live in a Jane Austin novel if she could. The last week of the run, we still had NO real/scheduled plans to attend and NO tickets
  • I finally caught up with Gretechen on Thursday, and we decided we wanted to go Friday. 
  • There we no tickets on-line Thursday night. 
  • There were no tickets over the phone Friday morning, or Friday afternoon when I called back. 
  • We drove downtown anyway, and were in line at Will Call by 6 pm. I nearly got a speeding ticket on the way, because I was gabbing too much. It was my lucky girl night out. The officer could tell we were excited. The car seats were empty, and the two mommies were dressed up a bit. He let us go on our merry way with only a warning.
  • We hovered by Will Call until 6:15, at which time I BEGGED the ticket manager to keep my credit card behind the counter HOPING someone would turn in tickets.
  • She agreed, so we went to dine on delicious plates to share and sip wine on the Sea Change patio next door.
  • We returned at 7:10, the ticket manager waved us to the front Will Call, and WE HAD OUR SEATS. Giddy? YES!!!!! 
The show was exactly as the reviews described (lacking depth, but entertaining none the less), and we had a GRAND TIME indeed. We even chatted with Amy Klobuchar as we returned from intermission. She wanted to see Minnesota's own,Mad Men's Pete Campbell on stage as Mr. Darcy too. Surely we had a better time then if we had purchased tickets in advance like normal theater goers!

Then there was Taylor Swift. I managed to get TWO sets of tickets (one the Saturday show and one to Sunday) when a second grouping of tickets was released by Ticketmaster in late July. The ticket sales were announced on the radio in the morning, and went on sale that evening at 5 pm, by phone only. I scored 2 tickets for the Saturday show as I drove Dean to karate practice. The phone system game me the option to purchase tickets to another show, so I tried for Sunday, and got tickets on the MAIN FLOOR, intending to sell the first set.

Of course my plan was to take my gal pal Jesse as my date. We were as giddy as all the school girls who were attending, except we were old enough to have BIG GIRL drinks, wine, dinner, and dessert at Pazzaluna before the concert.
Taylor sure knows how to put on a show....

My girlfriends sure know how to have a good time too, and not JUST at during those big ticket moments.
I love my gal pals.

See some of you at First Thursday Girls Night later this week!

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