Sunday, September 8, 2013


Growing up, I was close to my cousins. My dad was one of three kids, my mom one of 5. All of my aunts and uncles lived in a 30 mile radius. I rode the bus with a handful of my Melberg cousins. The farthest cousins (on the Toren side) were just two small towns away. 

I had a lot of second cousins too, but they were more like my first cousins.... if that makes any sense.
This summer my kids have had quality time with many of their second cousins. These photos are at Sawyer's Birthday. Sawyer is the child in green.The guy in the blue launching the balloon is my cousin Jeff. He moved away.. to IOWA! So did his brother Jason, with Jared in Indiana.
Dean refers to his three of his second cousins (my cousin Matt's 3  boys) as "The 3 S's". Sawyer (the youngest and closest in age to Dean), the Big One (Sutton), and the Middle One (Saxton). He loves playing with "The 3 S's".
Then there is the NEW  FIRST COUSIN - baby Peter. Here are the kids with Charlie and Peter. At the moment, those are the only two first cousins.
 This is Peter's Baptism - We are honored to be Godparents to both kids.
 Marly adores this new little bug, and loves to help take care of him. At baptism I saw my cousin Dee on the Toren side. I don't get to see Dee very often. Her daughter Taylor was along too. I lived with Dee and her family for a few months one summer, after I moved back from Madison. Second cousin Taylor actually helped babysit the Twinners just a few days after baptism. Of course my cousin Michelle was at baptism. We giggle a LOT when we are together.
Mark's sister Kelly is expected her first child later this month. I helped to host a "mod monkey" baby shower for the future Thompson side cousin.
Marly and Dean each had gifts for Declan, currently in utero, and soon to join the world as their third first cousin. There seems to be no luck for a girl.
Then there are these two - That is my Dad and his cousin Charlie. Up on skis at Peter's baptism celebration. Four skis, two men, and 122 years between them.

Cousins = years of fun, laughter, friendship and family.

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