Monday, September 16, 2013

State Fair 2013

We almost skipped the State Fair this year.... and then we didn't. We have taken the kids (with Papa) since the Twinners were just a year old, and stroller bound.  This year was BLAZING HOT and I argued we skip the Great Minnesota Get Together. 

Then the Friday before Labor Day there was a break in the horrid heat. I was able to take spur of the moment PTO, so we cruised over to our usual church lot Park N Ride shuttle on Lexington in Roseville. We were at the Fair just before 10 am.

First we ate cheese curds (the breakfast of Champions), visited the giant pumpkin in the Horticulture Building, ate mini donuts, a dough-sant or crou-nut (whichever is NOT trade-marked), a pronto pup, went down the GIANT SLIDE, ate a breakfast burrito (which came with a free cup of coffee),  THEN we went to see my Dad (Papa), who was manning a machinery display for a cousin of Chris's.
Next up -a few rides on the Kiddy Midway. Dean wanted chocolate covered fruit on a stick. Then Mark grabbed an ear of roasted corn before heading to every animal barn except the Miracle of Birth and the Llamas. We didn't make it there.
Dean loves ALL the animals - cows, horses, pigs, goats, sheep.... bunnies and poultry.
The child has some sort of odd affinity to poultry. Every year he wants to visit EVERY SINGLE AISLE and every single bird.

Marly likes the State Fair too, although she refused to go down the Giant Slide this year.
This is my selfie at the State Fair.
My favorite animals are cows. I LOVE cows. I really don't like pigs and didn't even stop to look at the giant bore this year.
I also like a cold tap brew while I am strolling the fair. I ran into Cathy Kalenberg while waiting in line for the Deep Fried Olives (the new big hit on a stick this year). She got me a fresh beer, which was a trade for an order of the Deep Fried Olives. We ran into Rich and Cathy last year too.
After my REQUIRED order of Fresh French Fries, we were tired, hot, had spent more than $100 on food, and were READY to head home, It was 2:30 and the sun was beginning to heat things up. Plus, I have a sprained or broken pinky toe, and was starting to limp.

And for the rest of our Labor Day weekend, Mark painted the deck in the sweltering 90 degree heat on Saturday, and we headed to Brett and Rachel's for a fantastic holiday overnight on Sunday! No photos, but we had so much fun.

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