Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apple Orchard 2013

Really, there is just way too much fun to be had in the Fall! I am going to use that as my excuse for ABANDONING the blog for a month or so...

While I feel desperate to be by the water in the summer, at Brett's, and Auntie Jan and Sheldon's, and etc... in the fall, there is a complete change in the nature of the activities, as the lake water temps drop.

Somehow, we missed the apple orchard last year, but this year we had a FANTASTIC time at the Minnetonka Apple Orchard.
 We were meeting the Lyon's and Brett and Rachel...but arrived first since we don't have a tiny baby, and we don't watch the Vikings.

Soon Vivian and Ian arrived. We navigated the corn maze, checked out the animals, and soaked up the warm September sun. It was a hot fall afternoon.

 Look how TALL this year!
 giggle, run, play, smile.
 Marly and Dean LOVE Little Man Charlie.
 Our attempt at corraling the kids for a group shot. That worked well.
 We couldn't figure out how to get Peter into the group shot.
 The usual family shot. Marly is wearing one of her favorite Matilda Jane dresses.
 Charlie would have ridden the toddler train all afternoon if permitted.
Two moms, two friends... Four kids, four friends.

See ya NEXT YEAR at the Apple Orchard!

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