Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Day of First Grade

First Day
First Grade
First Time Apart
Like many public school students, Marly and Dean went back to school the day after Labor Day. Same school, same bus, new teacher(S), new class.
We actually submitted the school paperwork to keep the Twinners together (again). We discovered at the open house (one week before school started), they were assigned to different classes. The truth is, Mark and I found plenty of pros to both separating, and keeping them together. It was our emotions that lead us to the request in the first place, so we didn't make a fuss over the discovery. I simply marched each kid to each classroom to meet each new teacher. The kids made little or no notice.
The first day of school we took photos, made silly faces, then Mark and  I drove them, instead of putting them on the bus.

Walking into school, Marly burst into tears. Her teacher e mailed later she cried for 30 minutes, then settled in. Dean bid us farewell with a smile and a wave. Day two lead to a few more tears at the bus stop, and by day three, it was smooth sailing.

Wishing everyone a good school year ahead!

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