Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Ya-Ya Week 2013

I think it was New Year's Day in my living room (with a hang over) that G and I starting "talking" about our summer Ya-Ya week.

You know, that week last year when the mom's took the kid's camping to a State Park in 100 degree heat? That's Ya Ya week.

Anyway, this winter it dawned on G we might be able to use her in-laws time share points for our accommodations. This method would probably prove CHEAPER then a week at a camp ground once we factored in the daily purchase of ice and firewood. After searching on line for less then an hour, we picked the date and pulled the trigger on BREEZY POINT. Really!!! We would have never thought...

In one's year's time, our now annual "Ya-Ya" trip went from tents, blow up mattresses, cooking over a fire, and a walk to the latrine and shower, to a two bedroom town home, with a hot tub, washer and drier, and kitchen!

Basically, we had a blissful week of lazy days at the end of July on the beach, or at the pool directly outside our patio door.
We checked out the famous Breezy Point "Memories of Elvis" impersonator act from the beach by the bar Saturday on our first night on site. The kids were THRILLED with the idea they saw their first "concert".
 Gretchen hauled a paddle board all the way from St. Cloud.
 Every kid got a turn.

 There was plenty of time to jump off the docks and to float too.
We even left the resort once or twice (beyond our regular runs for a few groceries, and to restock our constantly depleted supply of beer, wine, and cheap champagne for Mimosa's).
 We tried a round of mini golf, and one night we headed to the Commander for Family Bar Bingo.
 We told Dean if you could blow your ball into the mini golf hole, it counted as a hole in one.
This is the ONLY picture we have of just the two of us. Marly took it for us.

For whatever reason, every kid got upset and cried during mini golf. Damn good thing G pulled cold beers out of her backpack (purchased at the counter inside) at hole 9 of 18.
There were Kiddy Cocktails around 5 pm most evenings for the "petite Ya-Ya's", and cocktails at ANY time in-general for the "Ya-Ya mama's". Basically, any hour is a good hour for a mimosa, or Bloody Mary, or glass of white wine.
We purchased a neat temporary tattoo kit at the "Fun Sisters" store in Pequot Lakes and everyone was covered in glitter from ankle to shoulder by mid-week.
 The daddies arrived on Thursday night and Friday morning, when we rented a pontoon for the day.
 The kids cast their reel and tried their hand at fishing.
 Marly even caught one.
 Can you hear the Little Big Town country song, "On the PONTOON" playing right now?
 Our petite Ya Ya's loving their time.
 Our 2013  group photo as the sun began to descend on our last day.
Where to next year?????

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