Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elna the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy made a visit to our house last week. While my cousin Taylor was helping to "nanny" the kids on Wednesday, Dean finally lost his first tooth. This is good, since his permanent tooth had already come up behind his baby tooth, and he had a dental  appointment scheduled for this week to have it pulled!
This was the the FIRST visit ever for the Tooth Fairy to the Thomberg House!

Growing up, my Dad told my Cousin's Dee and Kris (on my Mom's side) that the Tooth Fairy was actually my (step) Grandma Elna (on my Dad's side). As the story goes, Dee and Kris believed him. Elna was a grandmother-ly, kind, white-haired lady, who had the once-a-week "set" in her hair. Dee and Kris always saw her at church. Her persona lends itself well to the idea of the tooth fairy.
And so I joked on Face Book that "Elna the Tooth Fairy" was stopping at the bank on her way home from work. "Elna the Tooth Fairy" picked up ten $1 dollar gold coins at Wells Fargo.
Dean labeled his tooth-filled zip lock bag for the Tooth Fairy, and put it under his pillow. Dean worried the Tooth Fairy would not be able to get to his tooth if he put his head on his pillow.

Marly just plain WORRIED. As I tucked them in, she was suddenly TERRIFIED of the idea of a FAIRY in their room.** She actually refused to go to sleep in their room, and fell asleep in our bed first. 

As I carried the sleeping Miss Marly back to her own bed, I also carried out my "official duties" as "Elna the Tooth Fairy"! The Tooth Fairy left Dean 5 gold coins in a little golden gossamer tie bag.

The Tooth Fairy is saving the other 5 gold coins for the OTHER child's first tooth (or one coin for each of Dean's future lost teeth).

**((READER'S NOTE - Dean and Marly still PREFER to sleep together in the double bed in the upstairs guest room next to ours, instead of their own separate bedrooms downstairs))

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